Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To Dis Udelo

BV Production Films Presents

To Dis Udelo (That day has risen)


Joe Rose
Anil Kumar,
Rosario Dias,
Baby Monalisa,
Sandeep Kalangutekar,
Darshan Loilemkar
Pascoal Rod,
Peter Benaulim,
Ben Evangelisto,
Sandeep Ambe
Jack Ferrao
Robin Vaz
Master Akash
Baby Pradyna

Supported by
Mrs. D'costa
Maria Bandekar
Pandu Palandekar
shaikh Iqbal
Anthony Dais
Joseph Carlisto
Xavier Brittona
Johnny Cool
John de Parra,
Bonifacio Dias

Music by Agostinho De Cruz
Lyrics: Peter Benaulim
Camera: Johnwell
Choreography: Paulina Dias
Production Manager: Precila Dias
Asst Fatima
Makeup: Kavilekar
Screenplay and dialogues: Anil Kumar
Produced and Directed by Bonifacio Dias

Jacob is in lockup.Everybody is praying. When all of them are palying cards, they start a communal fights where Jacob stops them. One them offers Jacob to play cards but Jacobs ttells them bcoz of these cards, the cards have made me a joker. you want to know how wht then listen and throws it away and goes Flashback.

A blind girl Navi calls out to Mona and Priya and tells why arent you sleeping ? Just bcoz i am blind. Mona tells that i have told God to take my one of my eyes and give to you. Navi tells dont worry, god told me that i will be able to see very soon. Mona and priya's Mother Josna comes and puts them to sleep when Jacob comes home drunk. Josna is fed up of his rinking and coming home late.she questins when will the day of happiness in our house will rise?

Comedy act between Joana and Ben Evangelsita who is acting as Thomas aka Tomy.

John Fonseca a rich businessman, a proprietor of Foncesa groupof companies is is talking with his manager Anil regarding businees and his daughter calls him to do shopping with him. His wife comes down and see him working and taunts him, that John Fonseca, a proprietor of Foncesa groupof companies , fonseca import and export, Fonseca seafoods, fonseca etc etc. SHe is drunk and aks him whether he has time or she should take appointment o talk to her. John tells her that early morning, you already started drinking and you will never change . I dont hav time to entertain you. Prica tells himentertain me, hell wit your time? We have been married since 25yrs. your first wife left you and then you got married to me. and you left the children and thought that you responsibility is over and you went after money moeny and money. John tells her to shut up. Prisca laughs and tells that i just had two pegs. James tells her that drink you are drinking will finish you. Prisca tells that the hosue you have built is not a home. you need love to biult a home. but you will never undertsna mr. John Fonseca. James gt angry and tells dont shout, you dont even have repsect. Prisca lauhs and tells Respects!! John leaves and tells you are drunk. it no sense talking to you. Prisca gets angry and tells i am drunk and calls the butler Costau (Comedian ambe).

They show a hindu Goan family comprising of mother and daughter. the mother tells Chitra, your father gave his life for the freedom and i have gone through my life by tailoring. a needle can stitch clothes not the bad things in society. i am tired mentally and physically. what i want you to go out and work and bring some money and yeah i am giving you this gold chain what my mother had given me.

Comdey scenes betwen Peter roshan and Comedian Ambe

Mr. Lobo is the boss of Jacob and Jacob tells him that the compnay market price is going in a loss. Mr. Lobo says i dont care but i wnat to be in this line by hook or by crook. Dont tell such thing. i am paying you. do what i say. whay abt the moeny you have taken for personal use? Jacobs tells give me some time, i will pay back and Mr. Lobo gives him a months time and Jacob leaves.

Daisy Periera comes for an interview. her boss dreams of having nice time with her. Daisy tells that this is her first job and the boss gives her the job. a lady comes while the boss is working, he does not look up nad tells what is your name? she tells my name is sheryl and tells that where are your certificates? sheryl tells will my marriage certificate do? he looks up and is suprised. sherly tell i am your wife. and dont forget that we have to go shopping and meet my parents and they leaves the office. Sherlly and sunny got meet their parents. sheryly ecplains to her father that you should give prisca love rather than the moeny. she will change. John tells them that he is worried about his sister.

The children tells Josna that they are feeling hungry. The motehr tells that there is no food. Anil comes to their palce and tells Josna why isnt she taking the moeny. she is facing problem now and to take the moeny. the Navi tells we are all fine. anil tells i want to tell you Navi that i am in love with you and i want to marry you. Navi tells are you having sympathy for me and geting married to me? Anil tells that what i want in a wife, You are having all those qualities. Josna tells what abt the eligion you are a hindu and we are christians. Anil tells what difference does it make? we both believe in god.

Chitra is standing for the bus when she stops the car. the bald man ask where is she going? she tells she is going for an interview. He tels that i have som work after that we will go. Chitra says ok. Mr. Lobo is talking to his advocate dias and then Ringo, the bald man comes and tells that work is done. he introduces him to the lawyer and ringo tells i have to elave and someone is waiting for me and he leaves.

Sunny tells daisy to do fax but daisy tells that it already six oclock. Sunny tells do over time and call me sunny. you know daisy you look beautiful. Daisy tels you know i am single while you are married and i am going. sunny vows that she would come to him willingly.

Daisy meet Sheryll and sheryll thanks her for helping her. Daisy tells what are friends for?